Why does God choose imperfect people to lead others?

In the beginning, Adam and Eve were created as perfect beings with free will. God set His boundary and as long as they didn’t go against it they could live in God’s perfect world. Sin deceived them and they fell into temptation. Instead of going to God they ran and hid like guilty children, when asked they blamed each other and the snake for their mistake instead of admitting their wrongs. If a child did something wrong, ran and hid from the parent, than blamed their sibling it would be natural that the parent would need to give the child a consequence, right? So why does God choose sinners to lead His people back to Him?

If you read about the disciples and others in the Bible you will discover they were a bunch of sinners. Liars, theives, tax collectors, etc. Not one of them was “worthy” of following Jesus. Moses had a studder, Habakkuk questioned and complained to God, Rahab was a prostitute, Sarah didn’t trust God, King David was a murderer, liar, and adulterous, Paul (as Saul) killed Christians, Peter denied Jesus three times, among countless others. Yet, God used them all for His glory and teaching of others. Each had a place and a story to be used by future generations to grow and learn. Even Judas, who betrayed Jesus, revealed to us that even in our sins God knows our every move and our heart. We have the choice to sin or turn from sin. if we choose not to sin and turn to God He will forgive us. If we choose sin, we also choose to receive the consequence of sin. In Genesis the consequence of sin is death. Death as not only limited to physical death, but spiritual death and a separation from God.

So what does this have to do with sinful people?

Has anyone ever tried to empathize with you, when they obviously have never been through the same thing? A woman with multiple children trying to comfort a friend going through infertility? A younger brother talking to his soldier brother who finally back from war with PTSD? A student talking to another student who has a drug problem. A person from a loving family trying to understand someone with a background of many years of abuse. Bullying, mental illness, physical limitations, foster care, sick child, death of a loved one, health issues, the list goes on and on. there’s a myriad of things that can affect our lives, shake our faith, and try to pull us away from God.

Many people feel distant from Jesus. They don’t know how to pray, they feel like they don’t need Jesus, or maybe they are too ashamed to seek Him. For this reason God allows His people to go through hardships. He never leaves them, but strengthens them so one day they will be able to empathize and help others through their hardships. Many of the most helpful, inspiring, and empathetic people are the ones that have gone through hard times themselves. They need to go through it so they can find Jesus, so they can find others going through it, and lead them to Jesus too.

God knew we would need others to help pull us through the hard times, but not just anyone- someone who understands and has been through it. Someone who we can relate with and who can really comprehend the depths of our pain. Thats why God sent His son to us. Jesus lived in this sinful world. He felt pain, loneliness, deception, heartache, seen the sick and dying, seen the demons, and was tempted by the devil. He cried at Gethsemane and prayed to God that if there was any way He could be spared from His fate at the cross that God would save Him, but there is only one way to God: and that is through Jesus and the way of the cross. He lived a sinless life and than gave His perfect life for us to save us from our sins. He not only seen our suffering, He experienced it firsthand. He knows our hearts, He knows pain, he knows suffering, and He will never abandon us. Use your stories and your experiences to lead others to Christ. You don’t have to save the world; just help others, love your brothers and sisters, and seek God in everything. God saved the world with just one man- His son Jesus.

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