What does Jesus and hospitals have in common?

Jesus has been known as the great Physician. He heals the sick, the blind, even brings those back from the dead. He casts out demons and heals mental issues. He is our all powerful surgeon, psychologist, physician, councilor, etc. He can do the work that we need millions of people to even just try to figure out the complexity of the human body, to which we know only a small fraction. Want to know the catch?

You need to go to the hospital to get help.

The hospital doesn’t come to you. The people outside the hospital aren’t going to help you in your greatest need. The hospital can find things wrong with you that you didn’t even know existed. Jesus is our hospital, but it is our job to walk in the door.

Imagine this: you are hurt, wounded, broken hearted… you know you need help but those surrounding you are all hurt just as bad. The sick can’t heal the sick. You see a hospital and start towards it but all those around you spit on you for even being curious. They push you, name call, tell you its a fraud but you don’t care- you need help.

When you walk in you see all the other sick people who are being healed by Jesus. You feel a calmness, am understanding of others who are in the hospital with you. They are patient, kind, helpful. They know everyone there has a scar, a wound, and is need of care. Here there is love.

You look back out the door to the people on the street- they are yelling that the doctor is a liar, a fake, that you can heal yourself, that you should let them, the wounded and bloodied, heal you. But now you see something they don’t. They have wounds no man could heal, scars, brokenness, blindness, bitterness. They need the power of Jesus, but are too proud to walk through the door because to take a step inside would mean they would need to admit- they need help. So many would rather rot in their pride than humble themselves.

Healing is painful. Sometimes the cut needs to be stitched, sometimes the bullet pulled out, other times our healing can take months of rehab but with Jesus by our side going through every step with us we know it’s possible and feel His love more and more each day.

Jesus walked on the streets once, telling that He would be building His hospital and all were invited- we just need to walk through the door and believe and trust in Him. He would be with us, heal us, lead us. He was crucified by the unbelieving street people. The hospital was revealed the day He rose from the grave for all those who humble themselves, walk through the hospital doors, and put your trust in our Great Physician.

God bless you, and your healing.

Your fellow patient of Jesus

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