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What Im learning on my Journey with Jesus

We all know the feeling of walking into a restaurant and seeing all the good food. A friend tells you a particular food is SO good, but than they never grab it themselves or talk about it again- even though they say they are… Continue Reading “What Im learning on my Journey with Jesus”

What does Jesus and hospitals have in common?

Jesus has been known as the great Physician. He heals the sick, the blind, even brings those back from the dead. He casts out demons and heals mental issues. He is our all powerful surgeon, psychologist, physician, councilor, etc. He can do the work… Continue Reading “What does Jesus and hospitals have in common?”

The false Origin of species

Honestly, if we test it, evolution can’t hold as much evidence as the Bible- yet it is taught in every school in America as truth. Why do I say that? The entire idea of evolution came from one man: Charles Darwin, during 20 years… Continue Reading “The false Origin of species”

Evidence of the Bible

Bible gives proof of itself- you hear people say it’s a book written by 40+ people with different perspectives at different times who encountered God- it can’t possibly be relevant? WHY NOT!? If you read 65 documentary books or articles on the same topic,… Continue Reading “Evidence of the Bible”

Why does God choose imperfect people to lead others?

In the beginning, Adam and Eve were created as perfect beings with free will. God set His boundary and as long as they didn’t go against it they could live in God’s perfect world. Sin deceived them and they fell into temptation. Instead of… Continue Reading “Why does God choose imperfect people to lead others?”