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Religion vs. relationship

There is a distinct difference between “religious” and “relationship”. Jesus even writes about this in the story of Martha and Mary. Jesus loved both Martha and Mary, and they loved him. There was a distinct difference between these two women though. (Luke 10) Martha… Continue Reading “Religion vs. relationship”

Bunnies, chicks, and 2 under 2! Are we crazy or what?!

Hey everyone, Just a quick update! Spring is right around the corner and so are baby bunnies! Fat Hattie and Gloria are due any day and showing signs of bunnies coming soon! Fat Hattie and her bunny ‘stache Both Gloria and Hatties previous litters… Continue Reading “Bunnies, chicks, and 2 under 2! Are we crazy or what?!”


Hey everyone, Sorry for the delay in posts. To quickly update you the baby bunnies are doing well and now are out full time with mom. They are able to move around and get out of the nest box now. We had an early… Continue Reading “12-21-18”