What’s that smell? Reducing rabbit urine smell

Hello everyone,

As you all know, it’s been a very cold winter in the upper midwest and we have our rabbits housed inside our basement garage. Rabbits come with lots of manure for your garden and urine. This works great for your garden but with urine comes ammonia.

So as a result our garage, right under our house, smells like a barn. Short of kicking all the rabbits back out to the outdoor hutch we had to come up with an idea to neutralize the smell but still be safe to use on our garden. Darrick discovered wood ash and baking soda are both beneficial to the garden and help with neutralizing smell. We burn wood to heat our home so we have plenty of wood ash. Baking soda we could buy in bulk, but chose not to add to our costs when we already have a free source of ash readily available.

One word of caution is the wood ash and/or baking soda are both alkaline so you would want to avoid putting the neutralized droppings on acid loving plants like blueberries as it could hinder their growth.

The first few times we added the wood ash we didn’t notice much of a difference, but by the third sprinkling of ash we noticed we couldn’t smell it in the basement outside the garage. On the inside of the garage, where the rabbits are housed, the smell is no where near as strong. We had some friends over and they even commented that the odor was not bad at all for having 10 rabbits in a small area.

We will continue to use the wood ash to neutralize the odors in our basement until spring when we can start building our permanent rabbit shed.

If you enjoyed our post please follow us. We will soon be building a rabbit shed and adding chickens to our little farm. If you have any advice to get the urine smell out of our basement, please share in the comments!

God Bless,

Darrick and Kay

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