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Building a chicken coop

We are building our first chicken coop! When we were starting out we intended to colonize the rabbits and chickens together, but decided against it as rabbits can get sick, dirty with chicken poop, and the chickens might peck at the baby bunnies. In… Continue Reading “Building a chicken coop”

Baby bunny birth

We have been on bunny watch all week. Our champagne D’argent “grey” started carrying straw last week so we were on the alert. A few days after that Hattie (our red doe) was carrying straw too) May 2 Darrick found Hattie’s litter of 5… Continue Reading “Baby bunny birth”

Outdoor rabbit hutch

We got our rabbits last summer but they were in our shed and garage over the winter and we were not a fan of the dirty barn smell in a hard to clean area. So we decided to build an outdoor hutch! We plan… Continue Reading “Outdoor rabbit hutch”

Rare exotic mystery chick list from Murray McMurray hatchery

When you order from Murray McMurray Hatchery you get the option to get a free rare, exotic mystery chick- how awesome is that?! When you get the chick you may search the Internet in hope of one that looks like yours. We found this… Continue Reading “Rare exotic mystery chick list from Murray McMurray hatchery”

Our exotic chick is….

After lots of looking over rare varieties of chicks on Murray McMurray hatchery and Pinterest we’ve come to the conclusion our chick is…. A GOLD LACED WYANDOTTE!! Kay is very excited as this breed is known to be friendly, hens are good layers, cold… Continue Reading “Our exotic chick is….”