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Our exotic chick is….

After lots of looking over rare varieties of chicks on Murray McMurray hatchery and Pinterest we’ve come to the conclusion our chick is…. A GOLD LACED WYANDOTTE!! Kay is very excited as this breed is known to be friendly, hens are good layers, cold… Continue Reading “Our exotic chick is….”

Guess this chick?

It’s game time! We got our chicks from Murray McMurray hatchery this morning. Included in our order was a free “rare exotic mystery chick”.  So your challenge, if you so choose to accept it, is to post in the comments below your guess of… Continue Reading “Guess this chick?”

Bunnies, chicks, and 2 under 2! Are we crazy or what?!

Hey everyone, Just a quick update! Spring is right around the corner and so are baby bunnies! Fat Hattie and Gloria are due any day and showing signs of bunnies coming soon! Fat Hattie and her bunny ‘stache Both Gloria and Hatties previous litters… Continue Reading “Bunnies, chicks, and 2 under 2! Are we crazy or what?!”

What’s that smell? Reducing rabbit urine smell

Hello everyone, As you all know, it’s been a very cold winter in the upper midwest and we have our rabbits housed inside our basement garage. Rabbits come with lots of manure for your garden and urine. This works great for your garden but… Continue Reading “What’s that smell? Reducing rabbit urine smell”

Did we get the wrong rabbits?

One night we were talking to Kay’s mom about our plans for our rabbits. We currently have five New Zealand whites, two New Zealand reds, and two champagnes. We explained to her that we planned on using them mainly for meat but also for… Continue Reading “Did we get the wrong rabbits?”