Meet our rabbits

We’ve shared some basic information about our rabbits, but we never formally introduced them.


Gloria is a pedigree New Zealand white. She was born in January 2018. This girl has a feisty personality and can be very stubborn, but when she’s feeling sweet she can also be very loving and affectionate. It really depends on the day how this little lady will be feeling towards yo (unless you have her favorite treats: apples and bananas). She is the only rabbit we allowed our daughter to name as she will be our main breeding rabbit and not intended as a meat rabbit. The rest of the rabbits have we a nickname or reference to color to help us distinguish which we are talking about.



Bucky is our pedigree New Zealand white that we have as Gloria’s main breeding buck. He is a friendly, sweet, very chill guy. He enjoys laying stretched out in the back of his cage and watching the world go by and stealing hay from the grey buck next to him. When the pair of New Zealand whites came to live with us they were very friendly with each other. Separated by wire they would lie next to each other and sniff one another, as the week progressed Gloria got angry, biting, and growling when we went near her. We came to find out that Bucky had been urinating on her and that made her very upset. They are not on positive vibes right now, which has made breeding them difficult, but we are hoping with time they will become friends again.


“Grey doe” or “DC”


Grey doe is a Champagne De Argent. The nickname D.C. because of the pedigree number on her ear. She is the sweetest rabbit I’ve ever met. She will push her way under the cage door to get her morning petting and we have to push and hold her back so we can close the door, otherwise she will try to get more loves. She also loves to bury herself in straw and build nests around herself. Even though Bee got to name Gloria, the grey doe is her favorite. She was born in May 2018 so she is several months younger than Gloria and not ready to be bred until January. Keep an eye out for updates on her though, you don’t want to miss this sweet girl as she becomes a mama and her first litters.


Grey buck or “KC”

This sweet boy is also a Champagne and also nicknamed for the lettering on his ear. He will be the mate to DC, the grey doe, when she is old enough. He can be a rascal at times- knocking over his hay feeder, water dish, and stealing hay from Bucky are a few of his favorite pastimes. He has his days where he loves to be petted and will come greet you at the door and other days he wants to be left alone.


Baby bunnies

Our plans for baby bunnies are to keep the best of the litter for breeding stock and the rest we will use for meat or, when we are more established, selling our rabbits to others to start their own rabbitry, use for meat, or show.

Please post any comments or questions below. Thank you for following us.

God bless,

Darrick and Kay

Whoever is slothful will not roast his game, but the diligent man will get precious wealth.

~ Proverbs 12:27

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