Deer season 2018

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We interrupt this blog to bring you….deer hunting opener!

We’ve been seeing a number of deer running around our property and several on the trail cameras. Most of them are does and fawns, but we do have a small 8 pointer (for those west coasters that’s a 4×4) and a spike we’ve seen several times. The 8 pointer likes to hang out somewhat near the house on our driveway. Most of the deer we see closer to the garden area, which I’m sure they see as a free food buffet. We are still working on updating the fencing.

Back to hunting; Darrick set up a stand near the garden/ future farm area. The area is covered in regenerating aspen after the logging last year and the deer love nibbling on the small trees.

His second stand is located on the west end of our property covering a ridge that runs between two lakes, as he states a perfect pinch point.  As he went to set up his stand he kicked up the 8 point buck where he was bedded down. We hope he didn’t get scared too bad so he will come back.

Our plan is to hunt the garden/farm stand in the morning, and move to the hill stand in the afternoon to follow the deer’s natural patterns.

We got the big buck! I was so excited to be able to be with him on this harvest.

We love venison and count on a deer or two to get us through a year with some meat. Last year we got two small deer (a spike buck and a doe). This one buck was bigger than those two combined so we are OVERJOYED with the thoughts of venison steaks, chops, stews, bacon, and sausage in our future!

Though not overly impressive in the ground picture he looks massive when hanging up!

With my tag filled Darrick went out hunting on Sunday morning before church and as he had hoped a nice doe and another buck came across the ridge and this buck provided him the perfect opportunity for another successful shot and harvest.  Our freezer is now full!

Good luck and safe hunting to all the hunters out there!

God bless,

Darrick and Kay

Now then, take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me,

~Genesis 27:3

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