More baby bunnies!

Our doe Gloria had her second litter of bunnies! Three active pink little bunnies.

We were seriously doubting she was pregnant as most rabbits give birth on days 28-31 so by day 33 we had almost given up hope. Wow were we surprised!

Mama and babies are all doing fine. We are going to keep the bunnies inside the house during the night and day as it is pretty cold out (we are in the 20’s during the day, last litter of bunnies got too cold in the 40’s) until we move the heat lamp to help keep the bunnies warmer in the hutch. We have two heat lamps in there now heating from below which keeps the waters from freezing, but we would move it up to help keep the heat closer to the bunnies.

Rabbits only feed their babies once or twice a day so we will be bringing them to mom to nurse until the heat lamp is moved. We also used extra shavings in the nest box to keep them insulated and Gloria did pull more hair this time and has enough to cover the babies.

Thank you for visiting and we will keep you updated on Gloria and the bunnies. If you have any questions or comments please post them below.

God Bless,

Darrick and Kay

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