Bunny update- 12/8/18

All babies are active and doing well. It’s been fairly cold out (in the 20’s) so we bring them inside after letting them spend time with mom for a few hours at sunrise and sunset to feed them.

We were surprised as usually rabbits wait to nurse until they feel safe and not watched but Gloria wastes no time to feed this litter. She will even claw at the cage when she knows we are going to put them in for her. She’s been a very good mama this time.

We check them over when we bring them inside and to see if they have little round tummies, which they do every time. We also check for signs of dehydration, if they are actively moving around, and a count to make sure the gangs all here.

We attempted to check their genders (both will have two holes, but males are separate and further apart and girl are closer and connected in the middle) and Kay thinks we have two boys and a girl.

They are already forming little personalities.

One bunny (we think a boy but was the hardest to tell) who is jumpy and loud for a bunny. The little rascal will jump all over his siblings without a care and is the first to pop his head out if you even move a hair in the nest box and start squeaking.

The girl is calm and quiet, is easy to hold, and doesn’t kick when we check her over. She is the one who’s gender we are most certain. Kay marked her ear with a black marker.

The last boy, who is usually seen snuggling his sister, has been more active in the last few days but no where near his crazy brother.

Bunnies at 4 days old. They are rounding out and getting their white fur.

Thank you for visiting, Stay tuned for more updates! Post and comments or questions down below.

God bless,

Darrick and Kay

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