Bunny update- 12-12-18

Hey everyone,

All three bunnies are doing well. We are still positive, after checking a few times, that we have a girl and two boys.

Here is our sweet baby girl. She is very cuddly and has a calm disposition, even when her brothers jump all over her. She is the biggest of the three and so far has been the first to open her eyes.

We will be keeping the girl as a breeder, which Kay is very excited about, and the boys will be meat rabbits.

We have heard conflicting messages about if you are supposed to touch baby bunnies or not. We didn’t touch or disturb the first litter at all but this litter we decided we wanted to be more hands on and make sure to check for signs of feeding, dehydration, and if they were warm enough. Our mama doe, Gloria, wasn’t the most friendly rabbit to begin with. She bit, scratched, growled, and lunged at us. Since we’ve been touching her babies she has become very docile and will even reach her head out of the cage to be pet. She hasn’t growled or shown any signs of aggression. In our case, which I know isn’t true for everyone as we have heard if you touch the babies the mom will kill them, us handling the bunnies has tamed our wild doe.

Oh my- check out that adorable baby bunny foot!

The litter still spends most of its time in the house, and brought out at meal times. As they start getting more active and mobile they will spend more time with mama and eventually will be out with her full time. The hutch is heated with heat lamps 24/7. We are excited to watch them grow, open their eyes and move around more and more.

Stay posted as the babies will be hopping around soon! Please share what is your experience is with to touch, or not to touch, baby bunnies? Post and comments or questions in the comments section.

God bless,

Darrick and Kay

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