Baby it’s cold outside!

Darrick and I woke up to a whopping -20 below! Darrick ran outside to check on the baby bunnies, not knowing it would get quite that cold. We just prayed the bunnies were all alright!

Good news! They were all huddled together but had kept warm. All the rabbits were just fine. Nevertheless, we decided to move them inside. We had received a hutch the day before from a coworker of Darrick’s so in the bitter cold Darrick worked hard to set up the new hutch in the basement garage. We worked together carrying bunnies and rabbits and setting them up in their new, warmer home.

From left to right: Gloria and her babies, DC (grey doe), KC (grey buck), and Bucky. The top does close but Bucky was feeling curious about his new home so we let him sniff around while we were down there.

Gloria cuddling her babies. Look how big they got!

All the rabbits are enjoying their new home. We are relieved that, since we are on baby time now, we know they won’t get too cold and no frozen waters. We have multiple water containers and food is filled enough to supply them for several days so we are prepared when baby decides to come.

Thank you for following us and come check out our new Facebook page! Make sure to check back as we will be breeding Gloria and DC (grey doe) and we will let you know how that went! More Baby bunnies coming soon!

God bless,

Darrick and Kay

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