Newest additions to our homestead

Hello everybody,

We’ve had an exciting past few weeks, and in a few more weeks will have even more excitement! We are proud and overjoyed to be able to introduce our daughter. She was born January 11 and weighted just over 7lbs. She is a very mellow, snuggly lil girl and a blessing to our family.

The day before she was born we bought two more rabbits as well! A pair of New Zealand Reds and the doe is currently pregnant and due January 25th. Both are a beautiful red color but the pictures don’t do them justice. We will be posting more about them so stay tuned!

We also have to announce we bred both Gloria and DC (grey doe) and they are both showing signs of pregnancy. We are expecting NZW and champagne kits January 30th.

And last but not least, our baby bunny update! We have sexed them and we for sure we have one girl, the other two are harder to tell but we believe they are boys. The girl will stay with mom for a bit longer until Gloria has her new litter and the boys will be getting new cages.

Forgive us for our gaps in posting during this exciting time with a newborn. We are looking forward to new bunnies soon and will do updates on them when they are born. Please keep checking back as we are planning out a barn plan for the summer, more on rabbits, possibly getting chickens, and planning out our garden. Thank you for following us!

God bless,

Darrick and Kay

For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him.

~1 Samuel 1:27

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