the Rare Red New Zealand rabbits! We are one of the few breeders of Pedigreed Reds. They are so hard to find people have traveled out of state to find these beauties!

We also are breeding New Zealand blacks.

Mangalista Pigs

We have the Mangalista Pig! This breed is known as “The BEST tasting pig in the world!” The meat is Red and marbled like a beautiful beef steak. It is comparable as the pork version of Wagyu beef. They also have a large cap of fat that would be great for making soap or lard with.


the American Bresse, a French chicken. “the best tasting chicken in the world” who, similar to the mangalista, has a marbling of fat. We have the colors White, black, blue, and splash but every hatching is a surprise.

Buff Orpington is our favorite egg layer so we keep these as well

On certain years we do raise meat birds as well

God bless,
Darrick and Kay

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