Mangalista Pig breeding stock

Mangalista pigs are a rare breed of Hungarian pig. They have a curly wooly coat that protects them from extreme cold temps. They typically come in 3 colors: red, black swallow belly, and blond.

Mangalista is a slow growing breed; reaching maturity at about 12 to 18 months and breeding age 15-18 months. The breed is prized for the red meat and marbling of delicious and healthy fats that give it a true old fashioned, juicy taste that modern supermarkets can’t come near. It is no wonder why the breed is known as the wygyu of pork! There is one problem: once you taste mangalista, you will never want go back to supermarket pork.

Black swallow belly: Nellie
Blond: Shirley


Curly was born in March 2021. He is a red/strawberry blond intact breeding boar.

He is dominant, intelligent, and mellow. Occasionally he will test us by putting his food bowl in the middle of the pen and stare to see what we will do. He has a strong value of food though and will toss the bowl at you of he thinks you won’t feed him. He is the loudest and will not hesitate to inform you he wants snacks. His favorite snacks are egg shells and banana peels.

Curley is definitely a wonderful father. When we first bred him we weren’t sure how he would be with the piglets but he was more loving to them than the moms were. All of the 16 2022 piglets would curl up to dad and sleep in his pen.


Shirley was born in March 2021. She is a sister to Nellie. Shirley is a sassy pig who loves attention. We call her “the Queen” because she’s rather demanding and will push her sister and her piglets out of her way to get to the fence first if she thinks food is coming. Her favorite snack is apple cores.


Nellie was born in March 2021. She is a sister to Shirley. She is our sweet sow. Nellie is quiet and shy and will stand back to make sure her piglets eat before she does. Shirley pushes her around but they never fight. Her favorite snack is egg shells.

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