2022 Mangalista litter

Our Mangalista breeders consist of a red boar named Curley, swallow belly sow named Nellie, and a blond named Shirley. This is their first litters. They were born September 2022.

Curley (Boar)
Nellie (sow)
Curley x Nellie piglets
Curley x Nellie piglets
Curley x Shirley piglets
Curley x Shirley piglets
Matching their mother’s personality, Shirley’s piglets are just as expressive and dramatic as “The Queen” is.
Curley with his piglets. He loves being a daddy.
Everyone loves mud season

Both Shirley and Nellie had 8 piglets each.

See our Sale Barn for the pigs we have left for sale. They are going fast!

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