Category: Garden

Drilling our well

We need to find a better solution.  We have hauled water from the house to the garden in a 65 gallon tank and watered the plants with a wand for the last 6 weeks. Our new fruit trees, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and asparagus were… Continue Reading “Drilling our well”

Breaking ground

Ladies and gentlemen…it happened! Our dream of a homestead has begun! We broke ground and planted all 10 apple trees! We had set up a plan of how we wanted to set up the trees this winter, but once we got in the space… Continue Reading “Breaking ground”

God’s masterpiece: a blank canvas

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the beautiful future home of our tree orchard, berry orchard, and our garden plot. It doesn’t look like much, but to us it is a dream come true. A land of possibilities just waiting for us to start working… Continue Reading “God’s masterpiece: a blank canvas”

Spring 2018

Spring has sprung…finally! This winter was a long one. With apple trees in a garbage bin and newly sprouting plants we witnessed over a foot of snow dump onto our nearly melted land. April 2nd our apple trees came in the mail. Better yet… Continue Reading “Spring 2018”