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Chick Season 2023

Our American Bresse chicks have started to hatch! We are also incubating buff orpington, ducks, and turkeys. Check out our YouTube to see cute videos! God bless!

New farm shorts!

We’ve started adding new farm shorts with our critters showing off their personalities! Come visit our YouTube channel to see more! Thanks for following us! Remember to subscribe to see more! God Bless!

Fall update

Just a quick update: Shirley and Nellie had their litters of mangalista piglets in late July. They both had 8 piglets! We were amazed as mangalista typically only have 4-6. We are blessed! They are a great assortment of colors as well. Thanks for… Continue Reading “Fall update”

Holz Hausen woodpile

A circular German woodpile laid this way to increase air circulation and dry the wood evenly.

2022 summer update

We’ve had a busy summer! Along with adding our 5th baby to our family, this is our first year with breeding mangalista pigs and adding turkeys, ducks, geese, and bresse chickens to our flock. So exciting! Our garden, amongst the chaos, isn’t as fruitful… Continue Reading “2022 summer update”