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How to make Pine needle Tea

´┐╝Everyone knows how awful it feels to be sick and not want to go to the store to put chemically laden medicine in our already battling bodies. Our family enjoys a warm cup of pine Needle Tea during the winter months to boost our… Continue Reading “How to make Pine needle Tea”

Holz Hausen woodpile

A circular German woodpile laid this way to increase air circulation and dry the wood evenly.

Rabbit labels

Hey everyone, When you first start your rabbitry you only have a few and so it’s easy to tell who is who. Than you try to move them around to get the best setting and who sits best next to who (because not all… Continue Reading “Rabbit labels”

How to make Hummingbird nectar

Spring is here, and so are the birds! We currently have a black bear in our land so to not encourage him too much to visit we don’t put bird feeders out, except for the hummingbird feeder. Nectar in the store can be a… Continue Reading “How to make Hummingbird nectar”

Building a chicken coop

We are building our first chicken coop! When we were starting out we intended to colonize the rabbits and chickens together, but decided against it as rabbits can get sick, dirty with chicken poop, and the chickens might peck at the baby bunnies. In… Continue Reading “Building a chicken coop”