How to make a Self-watering planter

Did you get spring fever and plant all your little seeds only to realize the following week you were going to be gone all week?

That’s what we did. Oh no! How are we going to make sure the plants are watered?! Well here is one way we tried and our mistakes along the way.

As we all know cotton soaks up water, but did you know it can also transport water?! What you need is…

•Your plant

•A string of 100% cotton yarn

•A cup, pitcher, or some vessel to hold water.

If you don’t know if your yarn is 100% cotton you can wet it, place one end in a cup of water and lay the other end on a paper towel. In a few minutes the paper towel should be slightly wet and you might see water drops.

So now that you know your yarn will work bring your water vessel and yarn to your plant. Cut your strings so they will be long enough to reach the water in your water vessel and your planter, better to have extra than not enough.

Wet your yarn thoroughly. Make a small hole with your finger in your planter about an inch down and place your damp yarn in vertically and secure it with soil. (You could lay it on top of the soil too, just make sure it’s not drowning any little seedlings) Take the other end and place it in your vessel with water. Check back on it in half an hour or so and you will be able to see it working and the soil should be wet.

If it’s not working, or working too well here’s some quick tips…

If it’s not wet enough make sure your water vessel is taller than your planter. The yarn will soak up water, but gravity brings it to the plant. You could also try to wet your yarn again, remember it has to be 100% cotton.

If it’s too wet (I came back after half an hour to find a very wet table and full planters) your water vessel is too tall (the pitcher is too tall for these planters; notice the water on the bottom of a few of the spill lids).

You should also note if your plant needs extra water, give them a taller vessel. If they don’t like wet feet (like this lavender) a shorter vessel will do just fine.

When your strings are in place fill up the cup and your good to go. This particular layout with 5 planters and a 2 cup measuring cup in the middle kept my plants watered for 5-6 days.

Let us know in the comments if you tried it, how it worked for you, and any hints you found that worked for you. If you enjoyed this article and want to see more like it follow us.

Thank you and God bless,

Darrick and Kay

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