Outdoor rabbit hutch

We got our rabbits last summer but they were in our shed and garage over the winter and we were not a fan of the dirty barn smell in a hard to clean area. So we decided to build an outdoor hutch!

We plan to house 10 cages in the enclosure with a gutter system below the cages to collect all the droppings and urine. We get some pretty cold weather in the upper Midwest so we are going to insulate the hutch on three sides and use a tarp to keep the wind off the rabbits. The cages will be suspended to keep them off the drip pan.

For our materials we tried to use stuff we already had or buy at a discount, but we did need to buy some new materials. After looking at what we had around the farm we decided a trip to Menards would be necessary. We went straight to their bargain bin and found discounted metal roofing and hardy board siding.

The metal roof keeps the rabbits dry and sheltered from above. The siding is insulated on the sides to keep any drafts out.

The gutters collect any waste and the top few inches above the cages and under the roof is open to allow circulation.

A rolling tarp keeps the rabbits protected from wind, snow, and rain but us easily opened for us to access and care for them. On nice days we leave it open for them to enjoy nice weather.

Roomy quarters with food, water, and hay. The cages are held up by chains and caribbeaners. The siding underneath catches all the waste and encourages it to go to the gutter.

The tarp is held up by bicycle hooks.

Thank you for following us and we hope you visit again. If you have built your own hutch and have any tips, please write them in the comment section.

God bless,

Darrick and Kay

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