2022 summer update

We’ve had a busy summer! Along with adding our 5th baby to our family, this is our first year with breeding mangalista pigs and adding turkeys, ducks, geese, and bresse chickens to our flock. So exciting!

So far we have “the best tasting chicken in the world” (Bresse), “best tasting pig in the world” (mangalista), one of the most rare colors of new Zealand rabbits (red). Some of our friends have suggested we get wyagu beef (“best tasting beef”). What are some other of the best tasting animals in the world? If you know any please put in the comments for us to consider.

Curly (mangalista boar) thoroughly enjoying his treat!
Tom “the magnificent”
New baby ducks!
American Bresse chickens
New Zealand reds
Our flock!

Our garden, amongst the chaos, isn’t as fruitful as past years but we did manage some decent crop of green beans and strawberries.

Our plethora of red and black new Zealand, and champagne d Argent bunnies will be ready for new homes very soon! We will post about them, along with a pricing list, soon!

God bless,

Darrick and Kay

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