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Baby it’s cold outside!

Darrick and I woke up to a whopping -20 below! Darrick ran outside to check on the baby bunnies, not knowing it would get quite that cold. We just prayed the bunnies were all alright! Good news! They were all huddled together but had… Continue Reading “Baby it’s cold outside!”

Bunny update- 12-12-18

Hey everyone, All three bunnies are doing well. We are still positive, after checking a few times, that we have a girl and two boys. Here is our sweet baby girl. She is very cuddly and has a calm disposition, even when her brothers… Continue Reading “Bunny update- 12-12-18”

Bunny update- 12/8/18

All babies are active and doing well. It’s been fairly cold out (in the 20’s) so we bring them inside after letting them spend time with mom for a few hours at sunrise and sunset to feed them. We were surprised as usually rabbits… Continue Reading “Bunny update- 12/8/18”

More baby bunnies!

Our doe Gloria had her second litter of bunnies! Three active pink little bunnies. We were seriously doubting she was pregnant as most rabbits give birth on days 28-31 so by day 33 we had almost given up hope. Wow were we surprised! Mama… Continue Reading “More baby bunnies!”

Why we chose rabbits as a first homestead animal

Typically when you hear someone wants to start a farm or homestead the first animal -they usually get chickens. They are pretty easy to find, inexpensive, don’t require a lot of space, and generally easy to care for. Chickens provide multiple benefits as well:… Continue Reading “Why we chose rabbits as a first homestead animal”