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Fall update

Just another day in paradise. This fall has been very busy with getting rabbits and building the hutch. We are working on installing insulation on the house, Updating our fencing for our garden, and expecting a new baby in January. We are also beginning… Continue Reading “Fall update”

Deer season 2018

Dear ladies and gentlemen, We interrupt this blog to bring you….deer hunting opener! We’ve been seeing a number of deer running around our property and several on the trail cameras. Most of them are does and fawns, but we do have a small 8… Continue Reading “Deer season 2018”

Meet our rabbits

We’ve shared some basic information about our rabbits, but we never formally introduced them. Gloria Gloria is a pedigree New Zealand white. She was born in January 2018. This girl has a feisty personality and can be very stubborn, but when she’s feeling sweet… Continue Reading “Meet our rabbits”

When baby bunnies die

Beginning our homesteading journey we knew that life and death would be an intricate part of the process. Breeding animals to bring new life and harvesting them for their meat to feed us. We also are aware that sometimes things just happen unexpectedly. Disclaimer,… Continue Reading “When baby bunnies die”

Breaking ground

Ladies and gentlemen…it happened! Our dream of a homestead has begun! We broke ground and planted all 10 apple trees! We had set up a plan of how we wanted to set up the trees this winter, but once we got in the space… Continue Reading “Breaking ground”