Category: Homestead

2022 summer update

We’ve had a busy summer! Along with adding our 5th baby to our family, this is our first year with breeding mangalista pigs and adding turkeys, ducks, geese, and bresse chickens to our flock. So exciting! So far we have “the best tasting chicken… Continue Reading “2022 summer update”

Relaxing walk through the winter woods

A beautiful walkthrough of our woods in winter. Thank you and God bless!

The Truth behind harvesting Wild Rice

Minnesota is known for its abundant wild rice, but not many people harvest their own wild rice… before we started we wondered why? But when we started, we understood… but still continue every year! Check out our YouTube video about the truth of harvesting… Continue Reading “The Truth behind harvesting Wild Rice”

The best wild rice recipe

Hello everyone, Every September Darrick and a friend went out and harvested the wild rice on our lake with a canoe and a long stick. It was hard work and a long day but we ended up with 20lbs of wild rice from our… Continue Reading “The best wild rice recipe”

Building a chicken coop

We are building our first chicken coop! When we were starting out we intended to colonize the rabbits and chickens together, but decided against it as rabbits can get sick, dirty with chicken poop, and the chickens might peck at the baby bunnies. In… Continue Reading “Building a chicken coop”